Magnetic Pad Lowercase Letter Board

Price: $12.99

P/N. : PY823

Preschool Learning Toy: Exercise children’s writing and cognitive ability, Learn and master the shapes of lower case letters, stimulate brain development, develop motor skills, and enjoy fun in a learning and playful way.

How to use: Writing 26 letters by trace the numbered arrow on the magnetic table drawing board. A magnetic stylus pen attracts the beads to the surface with an audible click revealing your creation. Push down magnet beads with the stylus pen or finger to reset the drawing board to start over, the beads are completely self-contained and never fall out.

Durable Material: Toys are made with high-quality plastic, healthy and safe, non-toxic for kids use.



Product Name: Magnetic Steel Bead Drawing Board


Model: QH-819-Lowercase

Material: High-quality ABS

Packaging: Color box packaging

The Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad is a classic toy that can also be used as a sensory learning tool. Use the Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad to keep any child from 3 years upward entertained and their imagination stimulated for hours on end. Encourage your child to express their creativity and produce their own unique designs with the Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad. Made with durable ABS plastic Filled with hundreds of magnetic beads, guaranteed to never fall out Comes with a magnetic stylus that attracts the beads to the surface of the board as your child’s unique designs take form Handy, child-friendly size. Fits tiny hands perfectly.