Magnetic Pad Circular Board(smooth back)

Price: $5.99
P/N. : PY829

Mess-Free Magic = Road Trip Fun: Truly Nothing to lose, with an attached, nesting stylus and many metal beads that never pop out, this is the magnet toy to get if you’d cherish more screen-free bonding time (or a well-deserved break) at home, checking off your to-do list, or on the road. best of all…you never have to stop creativity to clean up these road trip activities for kids 3-5 and older!

Learning Disguised As Play – We’re on a mission to create “Practical Parenting Magic” by transforming the learning activities studies, school psychologists and teachers recommend into your kids favorite toys, so they naturally master the didactic, social, fine motor, big motor, and problem-solving skills in a way that builds confidence, independence, resilience and makes lifelong learning stick.

Durable Material: Toys are made with high-quality plastic, healthy and safe, non-toxic for kid use.